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mcomplete.el 1.5 --- minibuffer completion with prefix and substring mat

From: Yuji Minejima
Subject: mcomplete.el 1.5 --- minibuffer completion with prefix and substring matching
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 13:01:09 +0900
User-agent: Pan/ (As She Crawled Across the Table (Debian GNU/Linux))

;; This package enhances Emacs's minibuffer completion mechanism.
;; In short, this is icomplete.el + iswitchb.el +/- something.

You can find the latest mcomplete.el here.

Although the version number jumps from 0.20 to 1.5, this is a minor
version up.

;;; Change Log:

;; Version 1.5 (21 Aug 2004)
;;  * Apply a patch from J.D. Smith which changes the way completion candidates
;;    are sorted in subtring match method to combine the best of both
;;    prefix and substring completion methods. By this change, completion
;;    candidates which match the prefix are sorted to show up *before*
;;    candidates which match in the middle.
;;    So in substring match method, when you enter `M-x set-v', you get
;;    M-x set-v<set-variable, set-visited-file-name customize-set-value,...>
;;    Instead of
;;    M-x set-v<customize-set-value, set-variable, set-visited-file-name,...>
;;    Any comments are welcome about this change.

I guess the right thing to do is making the way sorting is done
customizable by the user.


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