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auto-capitalize.el 2.20

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: auto-capitalize.el 2.20
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 13:15:46 -0600

I agree with Dave Love that a simple abbrev-based automatic
capitalization approach would be preferable (see gnu.emacs.sources
message <address@hidden>), but here's an update to
auto-capitalize.el for anyone still using it.  Enjoy!

Changes since version 2.19 (posted 16 Jan 2002):
* auto-capitalize-predicate: New variable.
* auto-capitalize: Respect auto-capitalize-predicate; avoid an error on
  XEmacs when this-command-keys returns [] (as when called via
  gnuserv-process-filter); support non-ASCII characters via POSIX
  character classes (but use ISO-8859-1 character ranges on XEmacs).
* auto-capitalize-mode: Add auto-capitalize as a buffer local change
  function (instead of global).

Thanks to:
* Uwe Brauer
* Richard Klinda

BTW, it's also available at

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