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tumme.el 0.4.8 - no code

From: Mathias Dahl
Subject: tumme.el 0.4.8 - no code
Date: 05 Jun 2005 18:13:47 +0200
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Please find the latest version here:

For contacting me, use the e-mail address found in the
source code.


  Version 0.4.8, 2005-06-05

  * Changed `tumme-display-dired-image' and
  `tumme-display-thumbnail-original-image' so that when called with a
  prefix argument, the image is not resized in the display
  buffer. This will be useful for later additions of image
  manipulation commands.

  * Added `tumme-kill-buffer-and-window' to make it easy to kill the
  tumme buffers.

  * Renamed `tumme-mode' to `tumme-thumbnail-mode'.

  * `tumme-tag-thumbnail' and `tumme-tag-thumbnail-remove' now
  updates the tags property for the thumbnail.

  * Added `tumme-dired-display-external' to display images in
  external viewer from dired buffer.

  * Added support for multiple files in `tumme-remove-tag' to
  increase performance.

  * Added `tumme-display-image-mode' so that we can add image
  manipulation commands there.

  * Added call to `tumme-display-thumb-properties' in

  * Added command `tumme-display-current-image-in-full-size' to be
  used in `tumme-display-image-mode'.

  * Changed `tumme-display-image' to call
  `tumme-create-display-image-buffer' so that we are sure that
  `tumme-display-image-buffer' is always available.

  * Added optional prefix argument to `tumme-dired-folder' that tells
  it to skip the window splitting and just creates the needed

  * Fixed bug somewhere that relied on `tumme-dired-folder' having
  created the `tumme-display-image-buffer'. Now `tumme-dired-folder'
  *should* not be necessary to call at all, just convenient.

  * Added tracking to `tumme-mouse-display-image'.

  * Added `tumme-mouse-select-thumbnail' and bound mouse-1 to it, so
  that selecting a thumbnail will track the original file.

  * Added three new custom variables, `tumme-cmd-ACTION-program' to
  make the command options cleaner and easier to read.

  * Added `tumme-display-properties-format' and
  `tumme-format-properties-string' to make it possible to configure
  the display format of the image file's properties.

  * Added missing (require 'format-spec)


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