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Re: snippet.el -- TextMate-like templates

From: Christian Unger
Subject: Re: snippet.el -- TextMate-like templates
Date: 26 Jun 2005 08:33:28 -0700
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Great stuff!

Here are some suggestions that might be useful:
 - named fields:
consider this java-template: "Iterator $${it} =
$${list}.iterator();\nwhile( $${it}.hasNext() ) {\n$${Object} $${obj} =

 - indentation (i've seen your commented "indent-region" and commented
it out)

pressing shift + TAB did not work for me, I recommend you to replace
your "S-iso-lefttab" by "S-tab"...

Your package is very intuitive and easy to use...
As far as I remember (and as far as I understand) there is something
comparable called tempo (tempo.el). But I didn't have a look at it
because it seems to be quite complex...

Good job!

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