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Re: ;;; anything.el --- open anything

From: billclem
Subject: Re: ;;; anything.el --- open anything
Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2007 20:50:19 -0000
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On Aug 6, 1:37 pm, "Bill Clementson" <address@hidden> wrote:
> On 8/6/07, Drew Adams <address@hidden> wrote:
> > > > In sum, either update `fit-frame.el' or remove it from your `load-path'.
> > > > Anything should work fine in either case.
> > > You're correct (my mistake) - fit-frame is not part of GNU Emacs.
> > > However, it is bundled with Aquamacs Emacs (the emacs that I use on my
> > > Mac), so it will be present for the many Mac users who use Aquamacs.
> > > In addition, it would be better to condition the call to fit-frame so
> > > that anything does not break if an older version of fit-frame has been
> > > manually installed by someone.
> > It is better for Anything to take advantage of the fourth argument. The
> > correct fix is for Aquamacs or individual users to update `fit-frame.el' (or
> > remove it).
> > I have sent a patch to Tamas that will not raise an error if you have an old
> > version of `fit-frame.el'. To have the *anything* frame fit automatically,
> > you will need to update to the latest `fit-frame.el'. If you do not have
> > that, then nothing will happen (no fitting and no error).
> Great - thanks!

Oh, just one minor point (and this is for Tamas) - issue #1 still
hasn't been fixed:

> 1. (minor) There is a space at the beginning of " (defun anything-
> maybe-fit-frame ()" that should be removed.

It's not just cosmetic (or me being pedantic) - several elisp
functions assume defun's start in column 1 and don't work properly if
they aren't (for example, edebug). And, it's easy to not notice that a
defun doesn't start in column 1 so this can lead to errors that are
really red herrings.

- Bill

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