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ffap rfc directories and space

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: ffap rfc directories and space
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 09:23:51 +1000
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This is a couple of tiny (to the point of miniscule) bits I've been
using with ffap and RFCs.

Firstly adding a path of directories to search before offering to
download an rfc, which is good if you keep some local copies (vital when
offline).  I know there's at least four full-blown rfc download/manager
packages, but this is intentionally minimal.

Secondly getting "RFC 1234" recognised by M-x ffap, instead of only
"RFC-1234".  A space is found a lot, and the ffap dispatch part already
handles it, but not the matching in the buffer.  I'm not at all sure if
munging ffap-string-at-point is the right way to do this, but it gets
the desired result.

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