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From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: nroff-filladapt.el
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 09:15:40 +1000
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This is a spot of code I've been using to get filladapt.el recognising
nroff comment prefixes, like \" \# .\" etc, to fill paragraphs of
comments, or commented-out paragraphs, etc.

There's some related paragraph/comment setups too; a couple of them
might suit the main emacs nroff-mode, like auto-fill-inhibit-regexp not
breaking in long directive lines (non-comment directive lines).

I went a few rounds with fill-comment-paragraph, but had to concede
defeat and forcibly turn off fill-paragraph-handle-comment.  I suspect
comment-search-forward doesn't enjoy comment-start-skip matching both
.\" and and \" -- on a line beginning .\" it chooses only \" as the
comment bit.  Something to do with the way it searches backwards for the
match, maybe, perhaps.

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