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cal-china-x.el --- Chinese calendar extras v0.82

From: William Xu
Subject: cal-china-x.el --- Chinese calendar extras v0.82
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 15:27:56 +0900
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,----[ Changes since 0.81 ]
| * (require 'holidays) for `calendar-holiday-list'. Thanks to sssslang
|   for reporting this.  
| * (require 'cl) when byte compiling.

What is it?

This package adds more chinese calendar supports and others,

  - Chinese localizations
  - Display holiday, lunar, horoscope, zodiac, solar term info on mode line
  - Can define holidays using `holiday-lunar', `holiday-solar-term'
  - Highlight holidays based on different priorities
  - Add `cal-china-x-chinese-holidays', `cal-china-x-japanese-holidays'.

To use, add the following in your .emacs:
    (require 'cal-china-x)


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