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Something between SQL*Plus and Toad (Oracle)

From: piotr . karpiuk
Subject: Something between SQL*Plus and Toad (Oracle)
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2008 11:31:08 -0700 (PDT)
User-agent: G2/1.0

This package was inspired by sqlplus-mode.el (Rob Riepel, Peter D.
Pezaris, Martin Schwenke), but offers more features:

    * tables are parsed, formatted and rendered with colors, like in
many GUI programs; you can see raw SQL*Plus output also, if you wish
    * table will be cutted if you try to fetch too many rows (SELECT *
FROM MY_MILLION_ROWS_TABLE); current SQL*Plus command will be
automatically interrupted under the hood in such cases
    * you can use many SQL*Plus processes simultaneously,
    * font locking with database object names highlighting,
    * history (log) of executed commands - see` sqlplus-history-dir`
    * commands for fetching any database object definition (package,
table/index/sequence script)
    * query result can be presented in HTML,
    * input buffer for each connection can be saved into file on
disconnect and automatically restored during next connect (see
‘sqlplus-session-cache-dir’ variable); if you place some SQL*Plus
commands between ’/* init */’ and ’/* end */’ comments in saved input
buffer, they will be automatically executed on every connect
    * if you use plsql.el for editing PL/SQL files, you can compile
such sources and error messages will be parsed and displayed for easy
source navigation
    * in sqlplus-mode or plsql-mode you can easy go to the definition
of database object name under point (table, view, synonym, index,
trigger, package, function, procedure) in filesystem.

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