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Re: that should be "iswitch-menu"

From: Thorsten Bonow
Subject: Re: that should be "iswitch-menu"
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2008 21:56:45 +0200
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    >>>>>>> "Joost" == Joost Diepenmaat <address@hidden> writes:
    Joost> Oh, I hadn't tried to compile it, so I never ran into that error (the
    Joost> "rest" argument is supposed to be ignored for that function).

    Joost> Anyway, could you try the following version:


Works for me. Looks good. Thanks for your work!

I have one minor glitch: I use iso-cvt.el, coming with emacs, and let it add a
submenu in my file menu via `iso-cvt-define-menu': iswitch-menu chokes on this:

iswitch-menu-parse-menu-item: Symbol's value as variable is void:

Without that, everything works fine.

I'm still wondering if your mode could somehow interfere with someone using
ido.el instead of iswitchb.el (ido adds iswitchb functionality to the file
select dialogues). I'm looking into this.


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