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Almost syntax-aware editor ?

From: problems
Subject: Almost syntax-aware editor ?
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 19:20:53 -0500

I was able to use emacs- gnu? news-reader, but by not 
using it for 4 months, I now can't find my 'starting notes' !

This is getting absurd. 
More and more random syntaxes to remember.

We need a set of syntax-templates which effectively
prompt, via menu what to fill in.

I've just had a look into open-office and it's getting
towards that, with 2-level menues, which will write
the text-string [at the current cursor] per menue 

This of course is not very syntax-aware, but at least 
you can assemble by whole strings, instead of chars.

I'd prefer to use emacs, than open-office, to setup 
the various [and continually growing] languages &
systems templates.  Although o.o. apparently uses 
xml, which AFAIK is a very universal method.

Apparently vim [which I hate to use] moves somewhat in 
that direction with its programmable syntax-colouring.
AFAIK V-basic's popularity confirmed the productivety
of such menu/visual tools.

Is there any emacs code available towards what I've
described ?

== TIA.

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