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rw-acronyms.el v0.8 (was: rw-acronyms.el v0.7)

From: Ralf Wachinger
Subject: rw-acronyms.el v0.8 (was: rw-acronyms.el v0.7)
Date: 27 Apr 2009 20:13:40 GMT
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rw-acronyms.el is an interface between acronym files and Emacs/Gnus. It
can read and parse plain text acronym files, and then show the
explanations/definitions for acronyms/abbreviations from any Emacs
buffer with text, especially the Gnus article buffer.

This is the eighth version (v0.8). I posted v0.7 too early. In v0.8 the
search and parsing logic for acronyms is clearer. It's hardly possible
to reconcile everything: speed, good parsing results, simple handling,

It's all explained in the comprehensive commentary section in the
attached file rw-acronyms.el

Attachment: rw-acronyms.el
Description: interface between acronym files and Emacs/Gnus

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