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thing-at-point-utils 1.12.5

From: Andreas Roehler
Subject: thing-at-point-utils 1.12.5
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 09:19:45 +0200
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proudly announcing a new version,
some words about the changes:

thing-at-point-utils comes with a lot of commands like
`doublequote-graph-atpt', `brace-alnum-atpt' etc.

Its too many to specify (and remember) keys for all of it IMO.
Thus M-x COMMAND will be used quite often.

OTOH sometimes it might be of interest, to examine the
object first, before dealing with it.

Then its seems convenient, for example with a call
`graph-atpt' (the character-class [[:graph:]])
to have these characters highlighted.

With new var `thing-mark-region', t per default, region now is
activated respective to THING. Thus commands operating on
region may follow, for example `doublequote-region-atpt'.

Now the key-set-question is to answers different, as the
commands operating on region count much more less in

So I have set the following:

(global-set-key [(control \))] 'parentize-region-atpt)
(global-set-key [(control })] 'brace-region-atpt)
(global-set-key [(control \])] 'bracket-region-atpt)

Comments welcome.

Andreas Röhler


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