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Re: Export bbdb name to aspell personal dictionary

From: Roland Winkler
Subject: Re: Export bbdb name to aspell personal dictionary
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2011 02:08:57 -0600

On Fri Dec 2 2011 Ivan Kanis wrote:
> I got tired of people's name being highlighted red when composing
> e-mail with flyspell. So this bit of code does an export of peoples
> first and last name from bbdb to aspell custom dictionaries.
> You need to set the variable ivan-bbdb-aspell-dictionary to a list of
> personal dictionaries. Then run M-x ivan-bbdb-export-aspell.

I assume you have the situation in mind that a name appears
somewhere in the body of a message so that something like
ispell-message is not solving the problem.

I guess something like that can be useful for others, too.

> Roland, maybe we could include it in bbdb 3.0?

With my limited time, these days I'd like to focus, first of all, on
a proper release of BBDB.

Some remarks:

- Could you try to clean up your code such that it separates the
  part that could be useful for more people from your personal

- I guess it should be possible to test whether a name is already
  known to aspell (the default dictionaries contain some common
  names). Only if a name is not known, it gets added to a personal

- Also, I'd check how aspell is handling these things. Possibly
  parts of your code reinvent the wheel. For example, it might not
  be necessary to define personal dictionaries if those get already
  defined by aspell code.

- Why use first and last names only? Why not make this customizable
  to include other BBDB fields (e.g., organization, AKA, note fields)?


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