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OpenOffice & dmake

From: james cleere
Subject: OpenOffice & dmake
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 18:16:21 +0100

I am working with the team which is preparing the source code of
OpenOffice for release at dmake, which is released
under the GPL license, is used as part of the build process. 

For convenience we would like to have the source and some binary
versions (Linux, Solaris and Windows NT) hosted at
Our understanding is that this is possible under the GPL license under
which dmake was released.
- All notices referring to the GPL are intact.
- The original source has been modified. We can either make available
the original source code (available at with patch
files (show all changes to original source) OR the modified source with
patch files. 
- No fees will be charged to transfer a copy.
- Additionally we would like the binaries for a number of platforms 
( Linux, Solaris, and Windows NT ) to be hosted at
for the convenience of those who wish to build OpenOffice. Additionally,
at the very least reference will be made to, where the
original source is available. 

I would be interested to know if anyone sees any issues with the above.
Our worst case scenario is that users will have to download the original
source from and apply the patches supplied at before building OpenOffice. We would like this
process to be more streamlined by having the sources and binaries 
hosted at


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