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Re: Linux get new term?

From: Aaron R. Kulkis
Subject: Re: Linux get new term?
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 12:02:34 -0500

Doc Bill wrote:
> Support legislation requiring all government run software
> to be published "open source".  Did you know you can't even
> see the source code used for the vote counting machines if
> you sign an NDA?


This is covered in the book "Votescam" by the Collier brothers.

> If the government spends my money to develope software, then
> as a tax payer I should have the right to use that software.
> So there are three merits for open source only in the government:
>         1. Better accountability.
>         2. It is a resource owned by the people.
>         3. Reduced costs.
>         Bill
> "Bradley J. Milton" wrote:
> >
> > Now that Bush won the election, what does that mean for Linux?
> > I understand that the White House uses a lot of Windoze now. Do
> > you think this trend will continue under the new administration,
> > or is there hope that there will be more support for Alternate
> > OS'es for the Internet Age? I think a new Open Source electronic
> > voting system could be the answer and would show them the true
> > power of Linux -- better grab it before Gates figures out his
> > own "embedded" opportunity!
> >
> > bradley.
> >
> > How to combine Business and Counter-culture?
> >
> >
> > Sent via
> > Before you buy.

Aaron R. Kulkis
Unix Systems Engineer
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    you folks feel listless and disoriented is simply because
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