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Re: Richard Stallman what a tosser, and lies about free software

From: Aaron R. Kulkis
Subject: Re: Richard Stallman what a tosser, and lies about free software
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 13:15:21 -0500

Les Mikesell wrote:
> "Graham Murray" <> wrote in message
> > In gnu.misc.discuss, "JD" <> writes:
> >
> > > Basically, free software has weak (no) limitations on use and
> > > redistribution, and the GPL has strong limitations on
> > > redistribution.  In fact, by default, you have to read the text of
> > > the GPL 'checklist' to make sure that you comply.  Even an average
> > > user can easily have problems complying the the restrictions
> > > associated with the GPL.  The restrictions with the GPL are more
> > > likely to impact a commercial user, but this shows that the
> > > restrictions are effectively discriminatory (a desirable, but
> > > non-necessary aspect of free software.)
> >
> > What restrictions does the GPL impose on a *user* (average, commercial
> > or otherwise)?
> It prevents many potentially useful things from being possible at
> all with GPL'd code.    If by 'user' you mean a person who
> cannot assemble his own set of components where some
> parts are GPL'd and some not, there will be no legal way
> to obtain these things.

Merely assembling a collection of GPL and non-GPL item's does
NOT constitute a "derived work".

As long as each component is distributed within the limits of
it's own license, there is no problem.

The fact that they might happen to be on the same CD doesn't
mean didly squat.

> >The only impact that the GPL has on a user (as opposed
> > to a developer) is that, unlike most commercial licences, it allows
> > the software to be shared with others subject to the provision that
> > the recipients must have the same rights (under the GPL) as the person
> > doing the distributing or sharing. How is this discriminatory against
> > commercial users?
> You are reading that backwards.   It doesn't say anything about
> causing software to be shared.   It talks about restrictions on
> how it can be shared, and if it isn't 100% GPL'd then it can't
> be shared at all, and no user is going to get it.
>       Les Mikesell

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