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Re: Richard Stallman what a tosser, and lies about free software

From: Aaron R. Kulkis
Subject: Re: Richard Stallman what a tosser, and lies about free software
Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 02:34:40 -0400

"T. Max Devlin" wrote:
> Said Ayende Rahien in comp.os.linux.advocacy on Mon, 30 Apr 2001
>    [...]
> >No, you claim that the implentation of API is important to developers who
> >code against this API, right?
> No.  What gave you that idea?
> >A related question, how much programming experiance do you have, T. Max? And
> >in what language?
> Nothing that would rise to the level of what you would consider
> "experience", although I did enjoy building a multi-user office workflow
> system in WordBASIC.  Just a cobbled together bunch of macros, really,
> but it was enough conditional processing to qualify as "programming".
> You can't count the trainers in the Navy, they were designed to teach
> troubleshooting digital circuitry, not programming.
> I know enough about programming to know that you can't write a program
> that uses a library that doesn't yet exist and expect it to work just
> because it matched a draft of the API documentation.

I used to do EXACTLY that when I was in college.

When you're on one machine, writing code, and the target machine is
unavailable....then, for all intents and purposes, the API is unavailable
as well.

> --
> T. Max Devlin
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>           to state your case moderately and
>              accurately.   - Benjamin Franklin ***

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