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end-user software

From: Efraim Yawitz
Subject: end-user software
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 14:01:03 -0700 (PDT)


I'm new to this list, but I've been using free software (GNU/Linux and all
sorts of apps) for over three years and finding them quite useful for
someone who is at least somewhat technical.  The question I still have
after all this time, though, is whether there is any good reason (other
than ideology, which may be very important) for an ordinary computer user
to use free software.  My classic example is perhaps the most advanced
end-user free program available today, the GIMP, which is also an obvious
clone of a proprietary program, Adobe Photoshop.  Despite the amazing
success of the GIMP programmers in producing a high-quality application, I
still find it hard to imagine any professional graphic artist who would
use the GIMP rather than Photoshop just in order to save the $600 or so
that the commercial program costs.  After all, this is only a fraction of
what he/she expects to earn in even one month of work.  If the GIMP is
actually superior to Photoshop, one could understand using it, but I get
the feeling that Photoshop will always stay one jump ahead unless they
stop producing it altogether.  Any reactions?  Maybe this discussion has
already taken place in the archives?

All the best,

Ephraim Yawitz

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