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From: Tim Moore
Subject: Re: GPL -> LGPL
Date: 6 Jul 2001 22:51:17 GMT

On 6 Jul 2001, Chris Topher wrote:
> I want more people to realize that copyleft doesn't even meet the FSF's
> own definition of Free Software.  That copyleft is about proprietary
> software development within the "Guild for a New Unix" (GNU), not about

Do you have a reference to this "Guild for a New Unix?"  As far as I can
tell, you've completely made up this somewhat stilted rhetorical device.

> software that gives either users OR software freedom; the less
> restrictive licenses do that at least as well (though not perfectly).
> Copyleft is about bullying people into publishing their own source
> and preventing its use by closed-source developers.  Not the
> copyleft licensor's source, but the licensee's source.

What exactly is your problem with the GPL?  What GPL software were you
prevented from using, or what software were you forced to open up against
your will?


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