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CIBRES E-business and ERP Certifications

Subject: CIBRES E-business and ERP Certifications 2511
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 22:44:40 -0500

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CIBRES Announces New E-business Certification Program (CIEB) 

CIBRES Guarantees CIERP Certification 

CIBRES "ERP For Dummies" is now shipping

CIBRES Webcast
(Dec 01)
CIBRES Webcast
(Dec 05)
(Reno, NV Feb 7-9)
(World Wide Feb 13)
(San Fran., CA, Apr 4-6)
Understanding ERP does not take a wizard, but just in case, we have one standing by.

Dear Professional,

Is a slowing economy and increasing unemployment threatening your job security? Consider the many benefits of investing in a CIBRES certification program. 

What is the CIBRES Organization? CIBRES is the fastest growing professional development organization in the world providing:

  • ERP certification 
  • E-business certification
  • Training seminars
  • Job placement services
  • Networking activities
  • On-line resources
  • Free Associate memberships (link)

Since its formation in Jan, 2000 the company has grown to 78,000 worldwide members. Are you being left behind? You have many options to advance your career through educational institutes and professional development organizations, but will they back up their certifications or degrees with a guarantee? Now you can see the advantage of CIBRES.

New E-business Certification Program (CIEB)---

CIEB is a new e-business certification program standing for (C)ertified (I)mplementer of (E)-(B)usiness. It is recognized by the worldwide members of the CIBRES organization. The CIEB is currently under development as a volunteer program. As part of the initial volunteer program individuals will have the opportunity to obtain free seminars, certification exams, and steep discounts on educational materials. If your organization would like to do a press release on the CIEB certification contact for the press kit. If you would like to become a volunteer in this program follow this link.

ERP Certification Program (CIERP)--------------

CIERP standing for (C)ertified (I)mplementer of (E)nterprise (R)esource (P)lanning. The proven certification ensures that the basic skill sets necessary to successfully implement and maintain an ERP system are present. These people have the clear distinction of having the best understanding of the people, processes, and technology to make ERP systems successful.  More info link.

CIBRES CIERP Certification Seminar (link)
  • Reno, NV 
  • Feb 7-9
  • $574 seminar
  • $230 exam
  • Openings are still available 

The CIERP certification program now comes with a guarantee. For more information follow this link.

CIBRES Publications --------------------------------------------

  ERP: A-Z Implementer's Guide For Success

What has become the best selling book for its category for the last 13 months on Answer: "ERP: A-Z Implementer's Guide For Success". To find out why follow these links to read all the amazing reviews:

Price: $84.95 Travis Anderegg, CFPIM, CIRM, CIERP CIBRES Organization
Pages: 750
Janice Knox, CIERP
Knox & Associates
  ERP For Dummies

(Hot New Publication!) Is ERP right for me? Find out now for $7.95 with the new CIBRES publication: "ERP For Dummies". Written and Edited by:

Price: $7.95 Mary Ellen Lucas, CIERP
CEO of TowerSecurity, Inc
Pages: 190
Ronnie Bishop, CPIM, CPM, CIERP
Bishop & Associates
Travis Anderegg, CFPIM, CIRM, CIERP CIBRES Organization
Janice Knox, CIERP
Knox & Associates

 For more information on this publication follow this link.

Cibres List Servers ---------------------------------------------

CIERPserve is the primary support list server for the CIERP certification. Participants from around the world, working in all aspects of the ERP systems, are represented for the general body of knowledge related to ERP, primarily focusing on fundamental concepts common to all ERP systems. Some of the concepts discussed will be: how to conduct implementations, organize training, choose consultants, ROI calculations, RFP questions, technology trends, scorecards, measurement systems, ERP teams, sequences, project teams, transition strategies, data conversions, prototyping and testing, change management, integration, Internet, and terminology. Answers to problems found in specific ERP systems such as SAP, PeopleSoft, BAAN, JDE, etc. may also be obtained. CIERPserve is open to all students and professionals looking to expand their body of knowledge. To sign up for CIERPserve, visit

ERPjobs list server is intended for all ERP professionals, companies, and recruiters looking to connect. A company may use ERPjobs to locate a Cost Accountant with SAP experience. Or a Production Planner may use ERPjobs to locate an opening in the Southwest, USA with a company that uses PeopleSoft. Once an opportunity is identified, a company or individual may contact the party directly. Both companies and individuals receiving messages from ERPjobs remain anonymous until they post a message to the service. To sign up for ERPjobs, visit

CIEBserve is the primary support list server for the CIEB certification. For the general body of knowledge related to e-business systems. A wide variety of topics are appropriate including, communication protocols, web servers, web sites, shopping cart software, customer service management automation, vender supplier management automation, hardware, software, commercial transactions, security, internet marketing, implementation strategies, inter-company intranets, e-commerce, websites, and more.To sign up for CIEBserve, visit

Customer Service-----------------------------------------------

Contact us
If you wish to contact a CIBRES representative to discuss seminars or certifications use the contact form on
the CIBRES website.

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For additional information about
CIBRES  organization visit the CIBRES website at 

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