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Re: [arch-announce] what proofs look like (relates to why i find you guy

From: Tom Lord
Subject: Re: [arch-announce] what proofs look like (relates to why i find you guys ridiculous to try to work with in spite of the fact we both work on "open source")
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2002 20:30:18 -0700 (PDT)

        It isn't at all clear to me what you're screaming about.  Has Michael
        Tiemann or Mark Mitchell been sending you threats of legal action and

Michael Tiemann's offices have sent me a legal threat ("stay away from
our doorstep because some people here are made uncomfortable by your
presence" was the gist).   Beyond that, I am bound by many unfortunate
contracts (which I had no choice to enter into, if I wanted a chance
to survive) from pointing out other examples.

As for Mark -- we had a failed employment courtship.  Apart from that,
I think he looks likes he does a good job as GCC maintainer and, since
we have some shared state, and since I _suspect_ that he's (just
interpersonally) closer to Michael -- I dragged him in.


        Are you just upset that you're broke and he's not giving you

No -- It is very far from that simple.   Please see other messages
i've sent to the various lists -- I wish I had time for point-by-point
analysis -- i'll answer any focussed questions that i can.

        Reading your recent flood of messages, I get the feeling I'm
        listening to one side of a very upset phone conversation: the
        person to whom I am listening is obviously very upset, and I
        have some idea of why, but no idea what the person on the
        other end of the line has to do with it.

Please keep reading and study the exchange.  The person on the other
end (let's say Tiemann, but presumably there are _also_ similarly
positioned peers at IBM, HP, Sun, and everywhere else whose names i
don't know) has to do with it:

        1) It falls squarely in his lap as CTO of Red Hat (substitute
           comperable duties, not _necessarily_ titles, at other
           companies).  That's the best reason.

        2) Michael and I went through some stupid garbage together 
           many years ago when I worked for Cygnus.  I don't think
           this is especially relevent to anything other than that it
           might be why he's acting like a blown capacitor here.


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