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Question regarding g++ and GPL in my own project (2nd try)

From: Michael Stather
Subject: Question regarding g++ and GPL in my own project (2nd try)
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 23:30:53 +0100

Hi, (sorry if I post this twice, but my first message didn´t seem to get

I´ve a little question concerning the license of gcc:

I plan to develop a game-making system consisting of an IDE and gcc.

I´ll develop an engine which translates the source from a BASIC-style
language into c++ and then compiles them using g++.

GCC resides in an extra dir in the distribution and only called through the
IDE via commandline and it´s results are read (mainly because I don´t want
to dig into the

g++ source) by the IDE. So I simply use a regular distribution or a CVS
version of g++.

My question is, does the GPL permit to sell the final product without
releasing the source for my Basic<->C++ engine or the IDE, assuming that
they aren´t linked via the source to each other and theoretically it´s
possible to use any other compiler?

Am I wrong in thinking that when using parts of the source of gcc then I
need to publish the whole sourcecode. What I develop is the converting
engine which just needs a c++-compiler to compile the generated code, and
isn´t woven into g++.

I respect the idea of open-source and want to clarify this before starting
(perhaps the product will be open-source, too)

regards and thanks for developing gcc


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