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Re: Spam in gnu.misc.discuss

From: Russ Allbery
Subject: Re: Spam in gnu.misc.discuss
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 06:31:21 -0700
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Barry Margolin <> writes:

> gnu.emacs.bug and have suffered for a long time with a
> spam problem, which I assumed was due to their gatewaying from a mailing
> list, but I hardly ever noticed spam in gnu.misc.discuss.  But a couple
> of pieces of spam showed up in the past few days here.  Has something
> changed in the way this group is managed?

Yeah, the gateways were fixed for all of the groups so that they all now
work the same way, which unfortunately is making the problem with spam to
the mailing lists more visible.

I think the solution is for the GNU mailing lists to get much better spam
filtering, since the intention was always for the mailing lists and the
newsgroups to have exactly the same content (which is what's now
implemented).  sysadmin at are the folks to contact about this, as
I understand it (recommendations for the best approach to adding spam
filtering to Mailman would doubtless be appreciated as part of the

Russ Allbery (             <>

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