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SDL Person

From: Mark Stankus
Subject: SDL Person
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 05:42:28 -0700
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  People like interacting with people. I was contemplating what would be
helpful to start a programming project which would simulate a teacher.
One things would be to simulate a person which has certain abilities (nod, point to things (like an equation or some chemical bond). There seem to be lots of program which could benefit from accessing an easy to move person. Has anyone done this at all? Is there a GPL or LGPL version? Does it sound like an interesting problem?

  How to move the person? For detailed moving, you could specify the
motion of certain joints etc, but there could also be a higher level
approach (like express approval, express joy, express disapproval,
nod politely). All of that "locale" type thinking from C++ could be extended in some one.

  SDL stands for Simple Direct Media Player (which is free as in beer
at least).
See for example.


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