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Re: 1-Click, Short-Click, Long-Click, More-Clicks (New Microsoft Patent)

From: Alun
Subject: Re: 1-Click, Short-Click, Long-Click, More-Clicks (New Microsoft Patent)
Date: 30 Apr 2004 00:31:37 GMT
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Barry Margolin <> wrote in news:barmar-

> In article <>,
> (Christopher C. Stacy) wrote:
>> Once fully granted, is it possible for a patent like the one above 
>> to be somehow overturned?  (If this is even possible, I am sure  that
>> it costs big bucks.) 
> I think there's a relatively inexpensive way to request that the PTO 
> review a patent.  The expensive way to challenge a patent is to wait to 
> be sued for patent infringement, and go to court to defend yourself.

It is indeed cheaper to file a reexamination than to wait to be sued. In 
the past all reexaminations were ex parte, meaning that you filed it and 
then couldn't participate, which was not ideal. It is now possible to 
choose an inter partes reexamination, in which you can take part. No one 
much has taken advantage of this new procedure (if anyone?). I would find 
it an interesting experience, or perhaps even experiment is a better word?

Alun Palmer, US Patent Agent

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