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Re: FSF taking money from outsourcers

From: Martin Dickopp
Subject: Re: FSF taking money from outsourcers
Date: Mon, 03 May 2004 10:11:18 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.1006 (Gnus v5.10.6) Emacs/21.3 (gnu/linux) (Snuffelluffogus) writes:

>> An unemployed (U.S.) American worker most likely has a better
>> standard of living than an unemployed Indian or Russian worker.
>> Therefore, it is in fact /your/ logic which is highly insensitive.
> Your insensitivity toward Americans does not prove that I am
> insensitive.

Your claim that every non-American who disagrees with you is insensitive
towards Americans, anti-American (cf. elswehere in this thread), or
something similar, will not take you anywhere.  You might want to notice
that there are even Americans here who disagree with you.

In fact, I'm very pro-American, i.e. concerned about the future of
America.  That's precisely why I argue aginst you; otherwise, I would
just ignore you.


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