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Re: Mozilla + == Friends?

From: Christopher Jahn
Subject: Re: Mozilla + == Friends?
Date: 6 May 2004 01:14:17 GMT
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And it came to pass that Manny Swedberg wrote:

> Alright, I don't think they are really, but it struck me:
> * Both projects try to fill out the common user apps in
> free/open source form
> * Both use similar licenses
> * Both are XML-focused
> * Both have their own cross-platform component frameworks
> (XUL and UNO)
> * Both of these frameworks support a similar subset of
> languages (esp. Java)
> * Neither framework has really caught on
> * Neither plays well with native widget-sets
> Hello?
> Wouldn't it make more sense to have just one
> cross-platform, Java/XML-focused cross-platform component
> model for end-user applications that has to work on
> hackability and native-widget-niceness?
> I mean, of course it would.  Of course duplication of
> effort is common in open source: GNOME and KDE. Gnome and
> KDE won't merge because there's already a lot of apps in
> both that would be broken.  BUT, there's not a lot in XUL,
> and there's basically only one thing in UNO: OpenOffice.
> I'm sure I'm not the first armchair software architect to
> point this out.  What's holding it back?  Sun conspiracy? 
> Just inertia? 

Both parties have solutions that work well.  Why change?

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