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Re: FSF : lackeys of their corporate masters

From: Martin Dickopp
Subject: Re: FSF : lackeys of their corporate masters
Date: Thu, 06 May 2004 13:21:03 +0200
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Stefaan A Eeckels <> writes:

> The idea behind copyrights and patents (protected trademarks are
> something different) is to make it worthwhile to produce "goods"
> that can be reproduced at low cost. If you cannot get a reasonable
> compensation for producing a book, an opera, or a computer
> program because of unbridled copying, then you will probably
> decide you need a day job to support you (like sitting at the
> till in a Pick'n Pay :-). It is fairly obvious that today, the
> system is out of kilter, but it's equally obvious that the 
> availability of cheap reproduction makes it impossible to
> produce certain (maybe desirable) reproducible goods.

Maybe I'm missing something, but the latter is not obvious to me at all.
What goods are impossible to produce due to cheap reproduction?


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