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Re: Sharing the Family PC is Patent-Pending

From: Daeron
Subject: Re: Sharing the Family PC is Patent-Pending
Date: Fri, 07 May 2004 22:52:22 -0400
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Barry Margolin wrote:

Aren't all the mainframe timesharing systems, some of which were
around 30 or 40 years ago, which maintain separate user sessions each
with their own environment, prior art for this?  As I recall, the APL
system actually called saved environments "workspaces".

30 years ago, computers didn't even have "desktops", so I don't see how they could be considered prior art.

The 'desktop' being a metaphor for processes running in a particular context. The said processes also being restricted as to what they could access. Nowadays three, at least, of those process controll the mouse, keyboard and screen. Nothing new here.
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