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Gnu-Friends Digest 5/10/04

From: Brian Gough
Subject: Gnu-Friends Digest 5/10/04
Date: 10 May 2004 09:35:21 +0100

This is the Weekly digest for

Software Patents -- Week of Action 
  By brian, 2004-05-08 14:27:49 
  Section: News

FSFE and FFII are organizing a week of action against software patents
from 10 May, prior to the EU Council of Ministers decision on software
patents on 17 May. Events are taking place at the national level
throughout Europe.


Meeting between GNOME and Mozilla Foundations 
  By brian, 2004-05-08 14:27:20 
  Section: News

Representatives of the GNOME and Mozilla Foundations have held a meeting
to discuss collaboration between the two projects.


EU Council to scrap parliamentary vote limiting software patents 
without discussion 
  By brian, 2004-05-07 17:51:55 
  Section: News

[From FFII] The EU Council of Ministers has obtained a qualified majority
for a counter-proposal on the software patents directive, with only a few
countries - including Belgium and Germany - showing resistance. The new
text proposes to discard all the amendments from the European Parliament
which would limit patentability. 

FFII is urging supporters to make their voices heard now, especially
software SMEs who make up the majority of the IT industry (e.g. over 80%
of IT jobs in Germany). In particular, supporters should try to mobilize
Organisation of which they are members, urgently try to meet or contact
local MPs and MEPs, and also Commissioner Liikanen's office at DG
Information Society.


E-Data files further patent infringement lawsuits 
  By blogtim, 2004-05-04 22:55:02 
  Section: News

[From CNET] E-Data announced today that it has filed patent
infringement lawsuits against Corbis and Getty Images for violating
its patent on commercial downloading services. "We're moving forward
in enforcing our rights under the patent laws. That's part of our
global strategy," said Gerald Angowitz, special assistant to E-Data
chairman Bert Brodsky. "We would like to reach a licensing agreement
with the parties, rather than litigate for the sake of litigation. But
failing that, we do intend to pursue our rights." The US patent held
by E-Data (US4528643) expired in January, though they have until
December 2008 to file retroactive claims.

Brian Gough

Network Theory Ltd,
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