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Re: Gates Patents Flipping a Light Switch

From: Martha H Adams
Subject: Re: Gates Patents Flipping a Light Switch
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 14:13:17 +0000 (UTC)

I think the tone of the above thread respresents a serious distraction
from what is actually happening here.  Maybe Microsoft and the Patent
Office are doing things that look silly.  But!  These things are being
done by very able people who look very far forward.  Somewhere in
there is a policy and a strategy, and those very able people think
*it's going to work.*

So I think a *much* better slant to this thread would be, what are
they working toward and how do they expect to achieve it?

For my part, I think I see in current news, an expectation the coming
November elections aren't going to make a practical difference to
Microsoft and their 3-letter friends in Washington, whoever moves in
or out.  Like a metasizing cancer, Microsoft philosophy and money has
reached too deep, too far: the cure could prove to be not mere
correction but rather, collapse and reconstruction.  Of our society,
of our economy, of our culture.

I don't like that picture.  The alternative is early light into what
is going on.  Find it out and hold it up to public view.  I believe
the knowhow, perspective and brainpower are here in cyberspace to do
that.  And while I generally agree with what's up this thread, I think
it's really not relevant much at all.  It's a distraction.

Cheers, sort of.  -- Martha Adams

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