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Re: Why Don't 'We' Talk about XML ???

From: Hamilcar Barca
Subject: Re: Why Don't 'We' Talk about XML ???
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 19:41:17 -0600

In article <x5wu39nbyb.fsf@lola.goethe.zz> (Tue, 18 May 2004 14:42:36
+0200), David Kastrup wrote:

> Linux is a mostly uncertified UNIX implementation [...]


> so it actually is totally retrocool again.

The Linux fad, if that's what it is, is as unexplainable as hula hoops,
platform shoes, and afro hairdoos.  (OTOH, nothing is as unexplainable as
disco music.)

> I have some (c) 1982 book here [...] That is described as "Getting
> UNIX started on a dead processor is sometimes riminiscent of black magic
> rites [...]

Like Unix and Windows, Linux certainly won't start on a dead processor; I
haven't tried black magic.

"[The SCO Group] is (and will remain) a scam stock with no assets --
 just a business model based on litigation."

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