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Re: When Will GNU/Linux Be Ready for Joe User?

From: Ministry Of Jute
Subject: Re: When Will GNU/Linux Be Ready for Joe User?
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 17:47:01 GMT
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Paul Bramscher wrote:

The other problem with linux is that, as an open source OS, it can be custom compiled and there's a lot of technical -- and totally

Which is not different then what Microsoft does by 'working' with OEMs to tailor it to their specific hardware.

unintuitive -- jargon surrounding it. This is a good thing for expert users and people concerned about security, development, openness, etc. -- but presents a big worry to the neophyte who thinks he'll need to learn perl/c/bash in order to send an e-mail. >Just not true, but it's possible if you want -- and that's a strength not a weakness. The linux community just needs to make it known that setting up a box equivalent in functionality to an XP installation is basically point-and-click with more than one distro.

It's been said a thousand times. XP users don't 'install' their OS. If they did, it would never be installed. They buy it pre-installed on the machine. No average person even knows what a shell is, more or less being able to think that he might have to use it.

This is where the Wal*Mart shopper, who simply sees a Linux value and buys the machine and uses it without fuss, is ahead of the academic, such as yourself.

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