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Re: Free personalized software

From: Gandalf Parker
Subject: Re: Free personalized software
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 18:42:29 GMT
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daniel camara <> wrote in

> Does anyone know a project where people develop
> personalized software? The GNU project normally aims
> to delivery "off-shelf" software solutions.  I think
> this is important but I was wondering if any one knows
> any initiative to offer quality free personalized
> software for non profit entities, for example.   
> I think such organizations may have several problems
> that "off-shelf" software would not solve. However
> such entities normally, mainly in developing countries
> countries,  have shrinking budgets.  

You might try
If anything there is close to what you want then you can contact the 
people working on it and ask about paying alittle bit for a personalized 

Or experts-exchange has done well by me. Ive gotten alot of fairly 
involved scripting done which saved me alot of money

Gandalf  Parker
-- You dont switch to GNU because the others charge too much.
You switch because GNU charges too little.

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