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Re: Free personalized software

From: daniel camara
Subject: Re: Free personalized software
Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 13:40:26 -0300 (ART)

Fortunatelly I do not need this kind of service right
now :).  I just wonder if such thing exists and if so,
I would like to be involved with it. I think I would
enjoy working in my free time to create systems to
people that really need it. When we work in a
"off-shelf" software, for free, is because we enjoy it
and we think other people will enjoy also, but do
people really need it?!?!?  This is the big question.

  Best regards...


--- Gandalf  Parker
<> escreveu: > daniel
camara <> wrote in 
> You might try
> If anything there is close to what you want then you
> can contact the 
> people working on it and ask about paying alittle
> bit for a personalized 
> version. 
> Or experts-exchange has done well by me. Ive gotten
> alot of fairly 
> involved scripting done which saved me alot of money
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> You switch because GNU charges too little.
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