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Re: "Why Mono is Currently An Unacceptable Risk"

From: anoncoward
Subject: Re: "Why Mono is Currently An Unacceptable Risk"
Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 08:21:07 GMT
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Guess My Sphincta wrote:
anoncoward wrote:

Miguel is tired right now.
That is fine.
Ask for the license.
Let him work the fields.
Are the fields owned by him?
Why is he in the farmer's field stealing the crop?
Does the farmer know he is stealing the crop?
Ask for the license.

Tomorrow he may come from the castle and talk to you.
Several serious lawyers may talk to you tomorrow too, ha?
Ask for the license.

But for now he is asleep.
That much is certain.
Ask for the license.

And tomorrow he works the fields to build more.
Does he?
Or does he spray the fields with DDT?
Ask for the license.

Go away, gringo.
You may be confused.
Ask for the license.

Come back tomorrow
I will.
Ask for the license.
silence that will only hurt you>

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