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Re: Linux is SHIT

From: Jesse F. Hughes
Subject: Re: Linux is SHIT
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 15:11:50 +0200
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"Barak Zalstein" <no_spam@please.not> writes:

> "David Kastrup" <> wrote in message
> x5d64uck6s.fsf@lola.goethe.zz">news:x5d64uck6s.fsf@lola.goethe.zz...
>> So why should we listen to the rants of a self-declared criminal?
>> Anyway, Windows XP won't run for long without being allowed to phone
>> home to Redmont and report by whom it is being used.  So you better
>> be a _careful_ criminal.
>> Or a stupid liar.
> I fail to understand why you continuosly consider sharing that kind of
> critical
> information as a criminal activity (just do that outside of corporate
> environment).
> What if this attitude was taught (and enforced) in school?
> Being pedantic regarding licenses and eulas may result in confining oneself
> to a 80x25 ghetto buffer.

So there's an inherent right to use Windows without paying for it,
since the alternative is unattractive?

Must be the pursuit of happiness includes pretty GUIs.  Of course,
there *are* free pretty GUIs, but maybe the pursuit of happiness
includes Microsoft GUIs.

Must be a very elusive happiness you're pursuing.

"I have to break the code of how [mere humans] work, and I have made a
lot of progress over years of effort, and I feel like I am close to
figuring out all the inner details of human wiring." 
   -- James S. Harris on the extra problems of conveying his research

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