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Re: Linux is SHIT

From: T . Max Devlin
Subject: Re: Linux is SHIT
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 14:29:01 -0400

On 24 May 2004 00:03:10 -0700, (Rolf Tollerud)

>"Linux is business."
>For 8 years now each year has been declared "the year of Linux
>desktop", no inroads at all has been made.

For 8 years, noticeable inroads have been made.  But MS still
illegally maintains monopoly power.

>"Linux is cheaper, faster, easier."
>The professional editions cost the same if not even more, the free
>editions are worthless.

The professional editions provide software equivalent to thousands of
dollars of additional licensing required to bring Windows up to that
level.  The free editions are worth what you pay for them.  As I've
been pointing out in another thread, you really can't change the basic
rules of economics.

>"It has a better distribution system."
>Everybody have Windows, even Linux fanatics, and I do not know a
>single soul that has paid for it. Only companies and persons that buy
>with Windows pre-installed. Windows is the most spread software on the

Yes, monopoly power will do that.  It is worth pointing out that every
one of those companies that buy Windows pre-installed did pay for it.
Perhaps correcting this mistake will help you recognize the other
errors which contribute to your anti-Linux position.

>"It has a better support system."
>Suppport is non-existent.

Both professional and amateur support is widely, even globally,
available.  Another very grievous error on your part.

>Linux-administrator take it as an insult
>that they should support an ordinary user. The Win X system/Open
>Office crash every 10 min.
>There are no MSDN system for developers.

Shocker; there are no Microsoft Developer Network systems for Linux

But, then, you have the source code.  For free.

>Linux is a 30 year old incorrectly designed OS that should have been

And Windows is a badly designed non-OS that should have been a
forgotten footnote in the history of PC software.

>But you can only dream. You have about 2 years more to dream! 

What suggests this deadline to your fantasies?

>But there is hope. When MS adopts Linux (after the CLR is everywhere)
>at last there is going to be some quality Linux distributions. So hang
>on! :)
>In the meanwhile I suggest using Apple OSX.

It is awfully hard to tell if you're really as clueless as you've
indicated or you're just posing so you can troll.  Either way, your
position may have purpose but your arguments are ludicrously

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