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Re: Linux Is Great; Flatfish is a poo poo fish

From: Peter Ammon
Subject: Re: Linux Is Great; Flatfish is a poo poo fish
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 14:44:42 -0700
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Guess My Sphincta wrote:
Rolf Tollerud wrote:

In the meanwhile I suggest using Apple OSX.

The Power PC chip is made by IBM.

Go look up Motorola.

Apple can't write an OS ( it borrowed BSD )

Go look up Mach.

it can't create a chip ( IBM )

Go look up the AIM alliance.

, it can't run a music service ( publishers forced them to raise prices )

Go look at the actual prices.

and the one shining light is I-POD, an overblown, heavy and obsolete-at-birth MP3 player, sold mainly to artsy people with too much money.

Go look up the iPod's marketshare.

And then go away.

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