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Re: derived work

From: Andres Baravalle
Subject: Re: derived work
Date: 28 May 2004 07:29:27 -0700

Martin Dickopp <> wrote in message 
> Is the "Red Hat Network Panel Applet" distributed under the "GPL version
> 2" or under the "GPL version 2 or any later version"?  If the former is
> the case, as your text seems to imply, you cannot use the "later version"
> option in the license of the combined work.
> Otherwise, your text is fine.  Another option is to just list the
> copyright holders at the top:
> | Copyright (C) 2004 Andres Baravalle
> | Copyright (C) 1999-2002 Red Hat, Inc
> | This file is part of phpGrabComics.
> | phpGrabComics is free software; you can redistribute it and/or [...]

thanks for the suggestions and for pointing me to the "any later version" 


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