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Re: Blame anyone and anything BUT Linux.

From: The Ghost In The Machine
Subject: Re: Blame anyone and anything BUT Linux.
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:41:50 -0000
User-agent: slrn/ (Linux)

In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Swampee
on Mon, 07 Jun 2004 18:25:34 -0400
> That's the name of the game when it comes to the pathetic state of Linux
> advocacy.
> Typical answers to questions in Linux groups are:
> 1. You're an idiot.

True, this is a typical answer.

> 2. RTFM

That's what they're there for.

> 3. Write your own xxxyyyzzz (compiler, word processor, graphics driver etc)

For the true aficionado only.  The rest of us can probably use
what's out there already. :-)  (For the record: I use vi, make,
gcc, and UT200[34].  However, I'm working on writing my own OpenGL

> 4. Blame your hardware manufacturer for not supporting Linux (so who DOES
> support Linux)

I would have to look.  The only manufacturer that I know
supports Linux is , and they're
primarily selling to the scalable server/rackmount market,
judging from their home page (not sure why a server rack
would waste 10U on a monitor, though).

For its part, Dell has a strange "alternative workstations" program;
it's strange because the machines are shipped with FreeDOS, not Linux.
There's something weird going on there -- probably because of
contract obligations.

IBM is even weirder, as there's no consumer-level Linux equipment
that I can find on their website.  Perhaps I need to look harder.

A few hardware manufacturers might offer Linux drivers.  ATI in
particular has proprietary drivers for their Radeon cards.

> 5. Try distro x instead of distro y (the all famous distribution shuffle)

If you don't like any of them, see #3.

> 6. RPM has troubles, but apt is great.

Variant of 5.

> 7. apt has troubles but rpm is great.

Variant of 5.

> 8. You are using an outdated version.

Variant of 5.

> 9. There is something wrong with you.

Variant of 1.

> 10. Works fine for me, it must be you. (Generally the Linux freak is FOS)

Variant of 1.

> 11. App *foo* is not Linux.

Variant of 2.

> 12. Kde sucks use gnome.

Variant of 5.

> 13 gnome sucks use kde.

Variant of 5.

> 14 Linux is the kernel. (As if that's good for anything useful by itself)

Variant of 2.

> 15. Suse is not linux.

Variant of 2.

> 16 Redhat is not Linux.

Variant of 2.

> 17 Debian is not Linux.

Variant of 2.

>  (Makes me wonder WHAT *IS* Linux*...

Variant of 2.

> Yea, blame anything but never blame Linux.

Blame is unproductive.  See #3 or #2.

> The problem with that mentality is that LINUX *IS* the PROBLEM.

And the solution to that problem, of course, is to use
Microsoft Windows XP, the most secure software on the
planet (for sale to the general public), which has the
lowest number of viruses/installation of any software
(sold) and the highest productivity of any software
(sold).  And of course Microsoft is big on philanthropy
(to offset their badwill incurred by various rather
interesting shenanigans -- does anyone else remember the
"it'll damage our desktop!" metaphor?).

You'll also notice this is crossposted to COLA.  I like
COLA, but expecting COLA to answer questions is like
expecting a protester protesting, say, Bush's war legacy
(and the subsequent defecit) to sit down and calmly
discuss one's finances.

While it might be possible, it's unlikely.

It's still legal to go .sigless.

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