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Re: Walmart PC's with Linux SUCK.

From: Robert Melson
Subject: Re: Walmart PC's with Linux SUCK.
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:42:13 -0000
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On Friday 11 June 2004 16:52, Arnold wrote:

> I got sucked into buying a Walmart PC based upon the price because it
> really looked like a decent deal to me.
> What I didn't realize was that these systems come with a system called
> Linux which I have never heard of up until this point.
> All I can say is that Linux really sucks.
> Virtually nothing I tried to do with this system worked the way it was
> supposed to and I was left with some kind of an orphan.
> Wlamart support told me that Linux was junk and that I should install
> WindowsXP which is what I did and now the unit works pretty good but I
> didn't get all I paid for.
> If this Linux is as bad as it looks, it's no wonder that people are
> willing to pay $100 for Windows because at least Windows works.
> Linux should come with a disclaimer stating how much it sucks so that
> people can make an informed decision.
> AK

You're welcome to your opinions.  However, crossposting to groups where
they are not pertinent robs them of whatever value they might have. 
Kindly stop your multiple crosspostings.

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