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Re: Suse 9.1 infested with bugs. Proposal.

From: linuxuser
Subject: Re: Suse 9.1 infested with bugs. Proposal.
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:41:51 -0000

   suggest that a test checklist be devellopped, and published.
So whe a new distro is out, we need know what has been tested annd
how, and by whom.

There is race for releasing the latest kernel, etc... for distros.
Unfortunatly this has often been at the detriment of quality, and I
have been unsatisfied with a few distros on this account.

Actually in spite of all the reactions created, Red Hat has been quite
Lots of people tested and worked on Fedora, when a certain level of
quality is reached, then a "stable" version is released.

This satisfy both the users for the bleeding edge, and the ones for a
stable platform.
I would call Fedora Core 2 a real success.
I would call this strategy a real success, also.
And the ones integrating all the small changes, as well as fixes on
the install programs, and documentation should be the distro "owner"
(SUSE, RedHat, etc...).

A note to SUSE:
 Your distro has been one the very best, you have set the standard to
a high level, so do not expect us to lower the bar...
John <nospam@> wrote in message 
> Swampee wrote:
> > Suse linux 9.1 is turning out to be one of the most bug riddled
> > distributions ever released.
> > That's pretty bad seeing as Redhat and Mandrake have been releasing bug
> > infested distributions for years.
> > 
> > The number of Suse applications that are broken right from the install is
> > staggering and the users are screaming and loading up the mailing lists
> > and newsgroups with complaints.
> > 
> > Sometimes I have to wonder if anyone actually tests these distributions
> > before they sell them to the fools that pay $100.00 for them.
> > 
> > Save your money, or go to FreeBSD which at least works.
> Haha!  Yet another lame troll post from the Swampdirt!  I installed SuSE 9.1
> last week and it works fine for me.  I haven't encountered ANY bugs, and I
> use it every day.
> (Superfluous and irrelevant cross-posts removed.  What the hell does
> feminism and locksmithing have to do with SuSE???  Oh, that's right, you've
> outed as the dumbest troll on Usenet.  Never mind.)

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