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Re: Walmart PC's with Linux SUCK.

From: Hendrik van Hees
Subject: Re: Walmart PC's with Linux SUCK.
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:42:18 -0000
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Arnold wrote:

> I got sucked into buying a Walmart PC based upon the price because it
> really looked like a decent deal to me.
> What I didn't realize was that these systems come with a system called
> Linux which I have never heard of up until this point.
> All I can say is that Linux really sucks.

Ehm, are you sure, you got Linux? According to this link you got Lindows
which is a different thing.

Otherwise you would have made a great deal, not buying Microsoft (aka
Redmond Chaos Code).

If I compare my new Laptop (Toshiba Satellite A45 S151) under Linux
(very fast, as I expect it from a 2.8GB Pentium 4) and Windows XP Home
Edition (it's quite slow, even with the good processor). I gave Windows
only a chance, because here in the institute the people work more with
Word and Co. than in my other working places, so that I (horribile
dictu) am forced to use it also, which is kind of a nightmare for me.

So far, I haven't worked under Windows since 1995 (my last experience
was in 1998 with a desaster on another laptop, when I only wanted to
check a web page, my boss created, whether it can be seen properly with
the internet explorer, resulting in setting a bios password so that I
had to send the computer in; from then on I hadn't even Windows on my
hard disk).

I wonder, where under windows are the virtual displays. I have only one
display, where I can put all applications I start at the same time. Cut
and Paste, I found out, works by highlighting something, the pressing
the right mouse button saying copy and then I can paste ist in the same

Under linux's X system you just highlight it and press the middle mouse

Another problem is, that I cannot get my laptop to work with any network
printer here in the institute. Under Linux (SuSE 9.1) this was done by
some mouse clicks in YaST.

These are only some little features which do not work as usual under
Windows. I must say, Linux is much more convenient and straight forward
than Windows.

> Virtually nothing I tried to do with this system worked the way it was
> supposed to and I was left with some kind of an orphan.
> Wlamart support told me that Linux was junk and that I should install
> WindowsXP which is what I did and now the unit works pretty good but I
> didn't get all I paid for.
> If this Linux is as bad as it looks, it's no wonder that people are
> willing to pay $100 for Windows because at least Windows works.
> Linux should come with a disclaimer stating how much it sucks so that
> people can make an informed decision.

But Linux works too and even better than Redmond Chaos Code. 
> AK

Hendrik van Hees                        Cyclotron Institute 
Phone: +1 979/845-1411                  Texas A&M University 
Fax:   +1 979/845-1899                  Cyclotron Institute, MS-3366          College Station, TX 77843-3366

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