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Re: Walmart PC's with Linux SUCK.

From: SchroedingerzKat
Subject: Re: Walmart PC's with Linux SUCK.
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:42:25 -0000

>You got ripped off buying an old Duron 1.6 with bugger all memory and you
>are blaming Linux for it?

I don't think they are priced too high.  Esp when the $200 models were offered.
 I think the cheapest is now at $250.

What would you recommend instead?  Dell is $300 to $400.  Building your own is
a nice option, but most users couldn't be bothered doing this.

Note that:

1.  The Microtels come with OS generally.
2.  They are brand new.  Not some surplus used box.
3.  They are pre-built generally except for the barebones model.


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