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Re: i bought a walmart cheapie

From: Peter Köhlmann
Subject: Re: i bought a walmart cheapie
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:42:46 -0000
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TisMe wrote:

> Swampee wrote:
< snip > 

> Thanks for that tip on this person.  There are certain things on Windows
> that I like, and certain things on Linux that I like.  But the one feature
> I love the most on both of these OS's is I can put idiots like this one on
> ignore.

Unfortunately for you, you got hooked by one of the most known trolls in
This was flatfish, a known troll, a liar and to top it off, a thief

In other words, real fine company. You certainly deserve it
Windows isn't unstable. It's spontaneous.

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