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Re: The worst that can happen to GPLed code

From: Barry Margolin
Subject: Re: The worst that can happen to GPLed code
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 09:10:22 -0400
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In article <camflb$h5$>,
 Chris Jefferson <> wrote:

> OK. I've read it. I read this as saying that someone can alter the 
> source code, and mention they've changed it in the source and distribute 
> it. However they do not have to make it clear in the normal execution of 
> the binary that they have made any changes. This is in my opinion 
> unacceptable if it's true.

Since open-source programs often get altered by many people during their 
lifetimes, I think it would be somewhat unreasonable to require it to 
list its full geneology every time it's run.  If Linux had to do this 
every time it was booted, a reboot would take an hour :)

Barry Margolin,
Arlington, MA
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