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Re: Don't Waste Your Time With Linux

From: John Thompson
Subject: Re: Don't Waste Your Time With Linux
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 21:59:36 GMT
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On 2004-06-14, The Ghost In The Machine <> 
> In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Lamar Rustin
>  wrote
> on Sun, 13 Jun 2004 19:07:13 -0400
>> After enduring years of painful computing with Windows I decided to spring
>> for SUSE Professional at $109.00 on Amazon.
> [rest snipped]
> That's your first mistake.  Not that Linux isn't a great OS, of
> course (I don't know about SuSE as a distro but I've heard
> good things about that, too), but whatever happened to
> "try before you buy"?  Download an image, burn it, boot it,
> test it, see if you like it.  A 650 MB download worst case will
> take two weeks on a 56k line (which is admittedly a tad silly!)
> but less time on a DSL or cable modem.  The cost thereof
> is therefore about 1/2 one's monthly stipend to your ISP, at
> the very worst -- about $10-$20, and probably less than that.

Or just cough up a couple bucks for install media from cheapbytes or 


-John (

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