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How to (radically) fork an LGPL project?

From: Kenny Tilton
Subject: How to (radically) fork an LGPL project?
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 14:33:37 GMT
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I have taken an LGPL project and made radical changes incompatible with
large wadges of the original. I understand a couple of things:

1. my version is a derived work still bound by the LGPL. No problemo.

2. I must make clear that I have made (extensive) modifications so no
one blames any one but me for any problems with the modified lib.

My question is a simple one: how do I do this? It seems strange leaving
the poor originator's name in the copyright notice at the top of my
nonsense. So I am inclined to do something like (in brief):

"Copyright (c) 2004 by Kenny

"A work derived from XYZ, Copyright (c) 2003 by Joe. All blame goes to
kenny, all credit goes to Joe."

otoh, it seems strange claiming copyright when 50% of the code is
largely untouched. (40% of the original is replaced with my original
code, 10% is Joe's code somewhat modified.)

A metaquestion is where else I could go for answers to this question. I
seem to recall someplace specific, but quite a bit of googling this am
produced nothing.


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